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Thankyou Virulina for protecting my family in pandemic. Virulina is a blessing in pandemic me and my family had not to go through any severe symptoms like fever, Shortness of breath, smell and taste came back in 3 days we were back to normal in 5 days.

Mr. & Mrs. Sharma

Hi Iam Mrs Anjali Anand Verma resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.I would like to share my experience during pandemic. I also went through symptomatic infection of CoVid 19.I was suffering from Sore throat, lack of taste & smell. It is when I decided to self-quarantine myself for 14 days.On the very second day i started VIRULINA. I started feeling relaxed from same day and sore throat symptoms started disappearing.My taste and smell came back on 3rd day and felt normal.I realized as soon as you consume VIRULINA you get that sense of wellbeing which I believe is because it immediately stimulates your IMMUNITY. As I did not had any respiratory problems as such but still my cold and congestion had gone and to my surprise breathing condition improved further. I am thankful to VIRULINA bringing back my life to normalcy and helping me to overcome my fear. VIRULINA seems to me like elixir in todays pandemic and hence I have decided to continue taking VIRULINA.

Anjali Anand Verma

Hi I am Deepak Omprakash Verma resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra India employed in a Private Bank. I would like to share my experience of CoVid19 infection.Initially i had Fever for which I had took treatment from doctor. In spite of taking treatment fever didn’t subsided. I was advised to go forCoVid19 test. My CoVid19 test came positive and as per Government guidelines I was shifted to quarantine centerfor my 8 family members it was nothing less than nightmare. I came to know about VIRULINA through an acquaintance and started taking treatment from second day of quarantine.First dose of VIRULINA gave me tremendousrelaxationI could feel bit lighter inchest where I had persistent discomfort and suffering due Breathlessness while walking or climbing stairs.I already had sleepless night since a week but with VIRULINA I could sleep well. I was consuming three dosages of VIRULINA per day. On 7th day of quarantine Doctor came for regularcheckup found me fit enough andhence decided to give me discharge butcautioned me to stay at home under “HOME QUARANTINE” also asked me to continue whatever I was consuming. Again I was lucky enough to get discharge as I had no symptoms associated with CoVid19 then.
VIRULINA is a powerful immuno-stimulant helps in building required immunity faster. As soon as you consume VIRULINA you get that sense of wellbeing. Though i did not had any other respiratory problemsother than while climbing stairs but my breathing condition improved further. I amthankful to VIRULINAfor helping me to return back to normal life without any fear. VIRULINA is wonderful product a boon in pandemic.As I could experience the benefits associated with VIRULINA i and all my eight family members are consuming VIRULINA and we intend to continue with it for our health and safety.

Deepak Omprakash Verma