We cannot benchmark immunity for a group of individual based on cast creed or nationality. It’s a proven fact that immune system of a healthy individuals depends upon the exposure to surrounding environment and most likely by the different microbes an individual encounters in his life time. Following is the interesting study which clearly demonstrates that.

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Additional information

Additional information


Each 3 gm sachet will contain:


What is Virulina

VIRULINAR-NS  is a poly herbal pre clinically & clinically proven Immune Booster to get saved from chronic symptoms of CoVid 19

Is VIRULINA a natural product.

Yes VIRULINAR-NS a 100% natural product and contain all natural ingredients and does not contain any metal/ mineral which can harm good health.

How do you claim that is one of the best Immune Booster compared to other products available in globe.

VIRULINAR-NS probably stimulates lymphocyte proliferation, which in turn leads to production of cytokines that(Cytokine) activate other immune cells such as B cells, antigen-presenting cells and other T cells. Product VIRULINAR-NS successfully concluded Animal study to found exact mechanism to promote acquired(Self)immunity with the help of body cells to get prevented from any complications. VIRULINAR-NS was found to have a significant immunostimulant activity on both the specific and non-specific immune mechanisms.

Virulina was found to have a significant immunostimulant activity……..” Can we quantify the significance in % or numbers?

Immunity is visible In vitro phagocytosis test: VIRULINAR-NS was evaluated at concentrations of 5, 10 and 20, 50 and 100 mg/ml. It showed significant activity at concentrations of 100 mg/ml. As neutrophils form the first line of host defense by virtue of their ability to phagocytose invading microorganisms, they have a major role in modulating the immune function. The stimulation of neutrophils results in an increase in the immediate cellular immune response. The results of the in vitro PMN function test showed a significant increase in the percentage phagocytosis and phagocytic index for successive methanol and water extracts. This indicates that VIRULINAR-NS enhances the phagocytic efficacy of the PMN cells at 100 mg/ml by causing more engulfment of the Candida cells versus control, thereby stimulating a non-specific immune response.

What are the dosages of Virulina. how to consume VIRULINA

Dosages of VIRULINAR-NS  are 3 gm ( Adults 18 years to 80 years) 2-3 times a day as preventive medication and support to build NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM  and customized dosages for childrens less then 18 years.

How to consume VIRULINA.

VIRULINAR-NS powder 3 gm to put on toungue and swallow with luke worm water after principal food.

What are basic Symptioms of CoVid 19

Cough,Fever(With or Without Chill),shortness of breaths, chest congestion, Nasal Congestion, Sore throat, GAE Symptioms , Fatigue, Loss of Tate & Smell, Mialagia , Anosmia , headache , Sleep Disorder etc are major to take care.

Who Can consume VIRULINA.

Any one can consume VIRULINAR-NS as preventive medicine to stay safer f5rom viral infection and also those already having infect ion can consume to overcome disease complication and to stay healthy.

Can a pregnant lady consume VIRULINA?

No VIRULINAR-NS not been tested with pregnant lady hence not adviseable to use as safety precaution.

Is VIRULINA safe to consume by all.

Individuals not to consume VIRULINAR-NS are mentioned hereunder :

  • Patients presenting severe multisystemic symptoms compatible with advanced Covid-19 and intercurrent acute or severe chronic diseases (i.e. active cancer).
  • Presence of acute hypoxic respiratory failure
  • Requires Intensive care unit (ICU) care for management of ongoing clinical status
  • Severe infection, defined as need for invasive or non-invasive ventilator support
  • Inability to intake or tolerate oral medication
  • Category 6 or 5 based on modified 7-category ordinal scale of clinical status
  • Clinical prognostic non-survival, palliative care, and have no response to supportive treatment within three hours of admission

Is VIRULINA FDA approved

Yes to manufacture VIRULINAR-NS we require FSSAI Licence and GMP certifications and product is approved under same category.

Is VIRULINA safe to be consumed by a patient suffering from Viral fever.

Yes Product VIRULINAR-NS is safe to be consumed and patient will be benefitted to overcome fever and its complications.

Directions for Use

Dosages :  As directed by physician.