June 23, 2020

Build immunity with daily dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the maintenance of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, skin and wound healing.
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July 28, 2020

Vitamin D and covid19

As the pandemic due to Covid-19 extends its horizons, we need to understand who is at most at risk of acquiring severe disease or may die due to it. Lot of recent studies have concluded role of vitamin D and Covid-19 severity which may lead to mortality.
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August 24, 2020

Covid-19 Myths and Facts

COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world. As of now no preventive treatment or cure has come again there is lot of misinformation available on the social media. From warm water, home remedies and most important self-diagnosis, you will find array of messages in regards to the COVID-19 infection.
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September 10, 2020

5 Things to do if someone in your family gets infected by Covid-19

What to do if someone in your family has been detected COVID positive and has been advised home quarantine? This is one of the burning questions in this time of the pandemic which we will try to answer today.
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September 21, 2020

10 Effective & Simple Precautionary Measures to Stay Safe from Covid-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of going away any soon and no proven medicine yet available, the only thing we can do is follow precautionary measures to avoid getting contracted by the virus.
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September 29, 2020

The Covid-19 Clinical Management Protocol Based on Illness Severity

2020 is all about Covid-19 and with less than 3 months to go, the virus is showing no signs of leaving our world. In such a scenario, it has become absolutely essential for every one of us to be well-informed about this virus and the various stages of severity of the illness caused by it
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October 7, 2020

What to do if you are showing Covid-19 symptoms or are detected positive?

Be aware and know what to do if you start displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or are detected COVID positive and are advised home quarantine by the relevant authorities. The below info is also applicable to situations
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October 10, 2020

Complete Guidelines to Follow for Home Quarantined Persons

Are you or anyone in your family advised home quarantine by your local authorities or doctor? Check out the complete guidelines for home quarantined persons, which have been known to help prevent the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus.
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October 16, 2020

Know the difference between Viral Fever and Fever caused by Covid-19

Almost 10 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, it's no secret that this fast-spreading viral disease includes fever as one of its symptoms. Sporadic or constant fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 infection.
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October 19, 2020

Dengue vs Covid-19: A brief look

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has had significant negative effects in countries across the world. Especially, this pandemic has aggravated the burden in tropical & subtropical regions, where dengue fever, caused by dengue virus (DENV), is already endemic to the population. The almost-identical clinical manifestations of Covid‐19 & dengue fever have increased concerns, particularly in dengue‐endemic countries with minimal healthcare resources, resulting in diagnostic challenges.
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October 19, 2020

What are the distinguishing factors between Covid-19 and Malaria?

The tale of COVID-19 & malaria is an interesting one. Despite being two totally different diseases with contrasting manners of getting spread & infected, they have been linked for a number of reasons during this ongoing pandemic. It's common knowledge that Malaria is spread by mosquitoes, wherein humans catch the disease if the mosquito carrying the plasmodium parasite bites them.
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