Sothari lauh

Sothari lauh

Sothari Lauh by Natural Solutions is an Ayurvedic medicine containing the goodness of herbs and minerals. It is a popular medicine in North Indian Ayurvedic treatment system for inflammatory conditions. We have it bottled it in the form of tablets for your convenience.

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The colour of Shilajit varies from yellowish brown to black with the pitch black form being considered the most potent. Its consistency is similar to a heated plastic with density varying from 1.1g/cc to 1.8g/cc. It solidifies below 20 degree Celcius and softens when warmed. It is also completely soluble in water.

  • Shilajit is known to have anti inflammatory properties and also pain killer properties.
  • It can also act as a stress reliever and is excellent for losing weight.
  • It also has anti ageing and anti ulcer properties which can help in protecting against ulcers.
  • Apart from everything else Shilajit is also an effective sexual performance enhancer.

There are multiple forms of consumption of shilajit. It is available in the form of capsules and powders under several brand names in the market. A common method of consuming processed shilajit is to mix it in warm milk and drink the solution.

Some experts believe that shilajit can be consumed in raw form itself, however, the benefits of the same will not be realised to the fullest. In the raw form, shilajit is mixed with several other organic and inorganic compounds that can neutralize some of the benefits of the minerals.

There are no direct side effects of shilajit. It is a completely natural yet powerful mixture that is known to heal a multitude of diseases. In some cases, side effects have been noticed but that is primarily due to processing with artificial substances by companies. For those who are additionally taking iron tablets, Shilajit can cause problems as it already contains a high dosage of iron. In such cases it is advisable to consult a physician or seek help of an ayurvedic medicine expert.

In this high stress, high pollution modern lifestyle, substances such as shilajit can help keep lifestyle diseases at bay and help lead a happier and healthier life.